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Friday, 24 June 2016

How Gears and Shafts enhance efficiency of machines?

Gears form main part of vehicle, motor or any other machine. There are many manufacturing companies, but not all will deliver you the same level of satisfaction. Invest proper time in selecting your preferred manufacturing company. The life of gears used depends on the quality of raw materials used by the company. It is always better to be informed about facts of all the companies who do not use similar type of raw materials for meeting the needs of clients. Only a few companies are committed to quality while others don't even care. Avtecgears and shafts specialize in manufacturing individual machine parts and assembling them.

Gears have wide applicability and it includes agriculture, railway, and defense, automobile and manufacturing segments. The products offered by the gear manufacturers include gear, sockets, and gearboxes, shafts, assembling parts of machine, pumps and pinions. They generally offer you all the products that you may be hunting for. If you need Avtec gear and shafts, you require not keep running starting with one place then onto the next looking for quality materials. They concentrate on meeting both residential and universal prerequisites of vehicles riggings and gearboxes.

Gears are mechanical elements that transmit rotational motion by successively engaging teeth. It is used for changing speed, power or direction of input between input and output shaft. The gears are classified into three categories according to axes of rotation. Common gears under parallel shafts include:

  • ·         Spur gears

  • ·         Parallel helical gears

  • ·         Herringbone gears

  • ·         Rack and pinion gears

  • ·         Crossed helical gears

  • ·         Hypoid gears

The parts of shafts include:

  • ·         Spline shafts

  • ·         Defense axle shafts

  • ·         Axle shafts
Before choosing any manufacturer for your product, make sure to check the certification achieved by them. The certification reflects that the company takes proper care and keeps standard in view for manufacturing the products. It also guarantees a quality to some extent.

Check their sites and look for their products, clients and manufacturing process undertaken by them. You may also ask your friends to suggest you some reliable manufacturers. The rising number of automobile industries affects the requirement of gears directly.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Gears and Shafts

How do couplings transmit power with gears and shafts?

Coupling is a device that is used for connecting two shafts to transmit power. For joining them, some degree of misalignment is required. Proper maintenance and installation of couplings can help you to save a substantial amount and reduce cost and downtime. Gears are large, have high torque density and limited cross section of yoke and cross. Proper installation of gear and shafts can avoid misalignment over a passage of time. Bearings wear down and change its dimension with change in temperature.

The misalignment takes place due to vibrations. There are different types of gears available in the market and it is manufactured according to material, shafts, size and purpose. There are different criteria according to which gears are classified. One common way is the arrangement of gear and shafts. There are three kinds of arrangement of shafts. They are: 

  • ·         Parallel shafts

Parallel shafts interlock in the same surface level. They function in such a way that they transfer power of rotational motion between the parallel shafts.  It is efficient enough to provide maximum horsepower and is efficient for long term. It is capable of carrying high load but is little expensive. 

  • ·         Intersecting shafts

Intersecting shafts allow smooth transfer of power and motion between the axes. The power machines need speed and strength to handle high load capacity. It is generally used to power hand drills, locomotives, marine applications, etc. 

  • ·         Non intersecting or Non parallel axis

These are used on applications that need high ratio speed reduction to provide transmission in a limited area. Also, it has limited load carrying capacity. 

A gear is cylindrical toothed wheel used to transmit rotational motion from one part of the machine to the other. Flexible gear coupling are available in two configurations- full gear and half geared half-rigid. Full-geared couplings have capability to accommodate both offset and angular misalignment while the half-geared half-rigid coupling has single rigid hub to take care of angular misalignment. When two or more gears work together, the connection between the gears allows flow of power from one gear shaft or axle to the other. Therefore, both gears and shafts are dependent on each other.