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Vehicle drive wheel changes speed by transmission

It’s no secret that cars with manual transmission are usually more fun to drive that their automatic equipped counterparts. If you have seen even a passing interest in the act of driving, then the chances have you also appreciated a fine-shifting manual gearbox? From the four-speed basic handbook in a car from the 60’s to the highest Tec six speed in the car of today the principles of a manual gearbox are the same. The driver must shift gear to gear. Normally a manual transmission component bolts to a clutch house in that bolts to the back of the engine. If the vehicle is a front wheel, drive the transmission still attaches to the engine in the similar fashion.
This is for the reason as the transmission, differential and drive axles are one regarded as one complete unit. In a four wheel drive car, it has also supplied as a part of the front axle for the frontage wheels. The function of any transmission is transferring engine influence to the drive shaft and also to rear wheels. Gears inside the transmission component change the vehicles, drive-wheel momentum and torque to relation to engines momentum and torque. Low gear ratio serves as torque multipliers and helps the engine to develop sufficient power to speed up from a standstill.

Torque and power from the engine come to the front of the transmission component and rotates the main drive gear, which meshes with the cluster or counter shaft gear. A series of gear, forged into one piece that resembles a cluster of gears. The cluster gear assembly rotates anytime the clutch is engaged to the engine which is in running mode, whether or not the transmission is in gear or it is in neutral. In order to mesh the gears and apply the engine power to move the vehicle, the driver presses the clutch and moves the shifter, which in turn moves the shift linkage and fork to slide a gear along the main shaft. Once the gears are meshed the clutch is released and the engine power is sent to the drive wheels. There can be several gears of different diameters and tooth count, and they all rotate at different speeds.


The commercial transmission market has seen an increase in growth rate and the market is expected to grow at a rate of 0.55% till 2021.
Transmission system can be termed as a device used for dynamic power speed factor of the wheel. Transmission system and drivetrain lead to the transferring of power produced by the crankshaft.  Transmission for commercial vehicles can be either manual or automatic.Manual requires the manually shifting of gears while the electronic unit regulates automatic.

Report on  transmission for commercial vehicles has been made up which covers the intrigue market details based on the industry experts. The ongoing trend in the market is automatic transmission system, and it is expected to be equipped with nine gear. This will ensure the smooth working of the vehicle and system will choose the suitable apparatus which is in need and this will also help to save the fuel combustion. With the increase in technical advancement for commercial vehicles, it is assumed that price of the vehicles will see a rise in near future.

The current market structure is based on the type of the vehicles in which transmission system is used. In commercial vehicles, it is also used to provide ease to the driver. Optidrive technology has been introduced which helps in high fuel efficiency and minimizes the emissions. Use of AMT system is increasing in heavy commercial vehicles which are assisting in the improvement of fuel efficiency.

Transmission for commercial vehicles are improving with the changing scenario, and each improvement is helping the drivers and bringing revolution in the market. Fuel combustions and efficiencies are the keys, and with the increase in technology, the emphasis is done on these to make them better for coming future. New additions in the automatic transmission will make things relatively better.

Friday, 22 June 2018


The market of India auto- components give a share of approximately 7% in India's GDP and employs millions of people.the market has seen a drastic growth. It is assumed that Indian export  Market of the auto component manufacturer in India will make of 26% of the total demand by 2021. Different government policies have helped the market to see the substantial growth. Such systems which have supported are:
   Auto Policy 2002
   Automotive Mission Plan 2016-2026
   National Automotive Testing
   R&D Infrastructure Projects (NATRiPs)

The Indian auto -component industry can be brief into the organized sector and unorganized sector. The industry organized sees the Original equipment manufacturer and comprises of high-value instruments, whereas Unorganised consists of low-value cost and look at those products which are not in trend in the market. According to the study of Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA), the industry of auto component manufacturer in India is expected to mark a turnover of US$ 100 billion by 2020.

The government of India is continuously working in this field and making the layout which will help in the growth of the market. Assumptions are made that by the end of the year 2026 turnover will be reached at 300$ billion.

Has been made which will help the industry of auto component manufacturer in India to grow appreciable heights and will help in the economy also. There will be an increase in the rate of the gross domestic product by up to 13%, and millions of people will get employment. Globalization is increasing widely, and this will give auto component manufacturers in India to open up for new avenues and make a mark in the market worldwide. With the following scenario, new opportunities will lead to the overall development and with coming time INDIA will thrive in the market and will become the third largest in auto component by 2025.


Transmission is named as a machine in control framework which is in charge of the controlled use of intensity; at the end of the day, it is a gearbox which utilizes apparatuses to give speed and torque changes. The aptest utilize is on the cruiser. Transmissions components are likewise utilized on pedal bikes, settled machines, and where diverse rotational velocities and torques are adjusted.

The primary transmission segments comprises of:

The torque converter

Planetary gear set





Valve body

Transmission liquid

All these transmission components parts are bit entangled however they cooperate to give a torque and helps our vehicle in development.

PUMP has the essential errand it draws the transmission liquid in and give weight for torque converter and transmission. It is arranged between the planetary apparatus set and the torque converter. Planetary gear set is one of the basic parts and comprises of all the rigging which vehicle employments. Water driven liquid coupling is named as a Torque converter which interfaces the motor to the transmission components. Stator helps in quickening after the stop, and it is a piece of the torque converter. Grasps and riggings are useful in the exchange of apparatuses. Sensors take control on speeds compute the motor speed and pick the right hardware which is to be utilized. The valve body is a water driven liquid focus and utilized for deciding the weight of transmission of liquids. What's more, it chooses what valve is open and being used. Transmission liquid is the significant part and gives the cooling and greasing up offices which keep the general warmth up of the transmission.

Transmission segments cooperates to make the transmission components and t is in general the perplexing working where the individual cooperating is in charge of general work

Thursday, 21 June 2018


Powertrain or powerplant is one of the major components that are responsible for the generation of power and supplies it to the road, air or water Scalable contents of powertrain components are :
    Engine Controller
    Brushless Motor Controller
    Transmission Controller
    Fuel Supply Unit
     Sensor Cluster
Engine Controller controls the temperature, engine speed, and air quantity. It also supports the combustion process, fuel injections and other related work of engine. Modern multi-controllers are fitted. The processing of engine controller is fast and adjustment according to the customers can be made. Brushless Motor Controller controls the electricity power things like water pumps, valves, etc. This powertrain components has specific features like it provides support to the system. It has rotational speed and offers a high communication and is fitted with integrated circuits. With single control device, it supports two engines.

Fuel supply unit is the primary component which consists of pump and filter.BLDC motor is used which help in the increase of performance. It has many functions like pressure control, fuel level management, and fuel supply.
The combination of sensors and actuators form automatic transmission are a fixed part of transmission controller. The software control and regulator algorithm are set in a device micro controller. Smart actuators as the word tells are capable of setting its rotational speed. Intelligent water pumps are the example of it.Sensor requires the relative position in transmission. Different types of sensors are needed for automatic transmission. This Powertrain components has a unique feature of grouping individual sensors in an assembly unit. It has specific benefits like no particular individual sensors are required for personal housing. COst of sensor cluster and weight advantages adds to one of the benefits of this component.

These components have individual functions, benefits, specification and they work together to move the vehicles.


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

High-quality components for vehicles to ensure a smooth ride

The components in vehicles provide methods for enhancing efficiency levels effectively by addressing exact needs. Moreover, they play an important role in improving the conditions of a vehicle to avoid expenses on costly repairs.  A transmission parts manufacturer is an important component of a vehicle because it gives ways for ensuring the smooth movements of vehicles while operating gears. It comes with different types of parts thereby showing ways for ensuring an optimal performance. At the same time, vehicle owners should focus more on buying the branded products from the markets before investing money.

It is necessary to make a research on automobile production companies while buying components for the vehicles. avtec is a leading transmission parts manufacturer in India which offers all parts with the latest technologies to experience desired outputs. The parts are a high-quality one which covers warranty terms to parts for gaining more benefits. Vehicle owners who want to know more about products can search details online which ultimately give ways for ordering them based on the choices. Expert technical teams from the company will also guide customers to select products that fit their vehicles. Furthermore, they help to get more information about them in detail for making a better decision. 

Buying automobile parts online at the best prices

Automobiles play a significant role in the transportation gears and shafts process allowing people to reach from one place to another place quickly. A transmission is an important device in a vehicle that connects the back of an engine which contributes more to transmit mechanical power from the engine. The transmission type may vary with a vehicle that gives ways for reducing the number of revolutions. A gear is a part of transmission which helps distribute torque from engine thereby giving ways for operating an engine at appropriate speeds to avoid unwanted issues.

A drive shaft is an integral part of an automobile because it performs various functions and connects the engine to axles. Vehicle owners who want to buy transmission gears and shafts should approach a reputed automobile manufacturer for meeting essential needs. avtec offers them with cutting-edge technologies to experience desired outcomes. The company even allows vehicle owners to order them online at the best prices for saving more money. Moreover, it provides ways for downloading the brochure easily that help get more ideas about the components in detail. Anyone who wants to know more about warranty and other details can seek support from technicians for maintaining parts in a good condition. 

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Auto Components Manufacturers in India

It is analyzed from that the Auto Components Manufacturers in India has gained much growth over the last few years. The industry had expanded up to 14.3%. It is all because of the sales corner in the huge market. It aims to gain around Rs 2.92 lakh crore which is said to be as $44.90 in US currency. It was all attributed in the financial year 2016-2017.
The auto-components manufacturer industry contributes to around 7 percent of the GDP and provides employment to around 25 million people of the country both directly as well as indirectly.
India is all made to be as one of the most favorable spots which has increased the purchasing power of the people and resulted in a large domestic market. A stable government framework is also made with huge development in the infrastructure sector which is continuously increasing. Hence, India has become the best destination for the purpose of investment.


As per the reviews by the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India, It could be easily analyzed that India’s auto-components manufacturer company is expected to grow by around 8-10 percent in the financial year 2017-18 and to gain up to $100 billion by the year 2020. Initially, India has exports of around $11.2 billion and expected to be $80-$100 billion by the year 2026. This conclusion was based on the content of the higher component in a vehicle and the continuous rise in the exports according to the ICRA Ltd.

Transmission for Commercial Vehicles

The transmission is the component used to transfer power from one system to another with the use of gears or gear trains. The transmission helps in transferring power from the engine to the required parts( like wheels) in a controlled manner. Thus all the components lying between engine and wheels act as transmission. It includes clutch, gearbox, propeller shaft and differential.
The Transmission for the Commercial Vehicles depends upon the load carrying capacity and the size of the engine. Mainly the transmission systems are divided into three categories – manual, automatic and semi-automatic transmission system. It works like gearboxes but the difference arises in their application. The gearboxes can be used for stationary applications while it can be used agricultural, mining and industrial work too.

Now-a-days the auto manufacturers concentrate on automatic transmission instead of manual transmission. The main difference between the two is the degree of the drivers’ engagement. In manual transmission, the driver needs to engage and disengage gears while in automatic transmission everything works automatically. The main aim behind the introduction of the automatic transmission system is to decrease the involvement of the driver.
The main use of the Transmission in Commercial Vehicles is to transfer power efficiently.

Summary: - It is concluded that transmission system plays a vital role in the fuel economy of any vehicle and helps in transferring power from engine to the wheels in efficient and smooth way. So, the auto manufacturers are focusing to low the engagement of the driver in the working by the use of automatic transmission. 

Monday, 18 June 2018

Details about the component of Powertrain

An essential element of the powertrain components control is its accessibility with "Stow and Go" seating, which for some families is a creative and exceedingly worthwhile advantage. For different proprietors of this alluring vehicle, it could be the 3.6-litre V6 power setting off to the six-speed programmed transmission to a front wheel drive, the standard footing and steadiness control and the anti-lock brakes. In any case, as with a wide range of PC dependent hardware, a focal handling unit is expected to play out a wide assortment of capacities.

The Generation of Power
From the fuel, an auto will create its power, which is transmitted to the driveshaft by a method for the transmission and the TCU and ECU units, consolidated in the Powertrain components.

The driveshaft gets the power from the PCM which empowers the axles to be turned and consequently the wheels. Sensors situated inside the PCM dispatch the electrical info and yield assigns to the Power Control Module. They are then characterized by the unit, which changes over them into necessary modifications for the execution of the auto. These incorporate engine speed and control of the different segments identified with the auto operational proficiency.